Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fresh Banana-Berry Shake

Here's the perfect snack for a muggy summer afternoon!

Slice 2 cups of banana and 1 cup of quartered strawberries. Place the fruit in a blender with 1/4 cup orange juice and process until smooth.

Add 3 cups vanilla vegan 'ice cream' of your choice - there are so many varieties on the market now, from soy, to rice, to almond, to coconut milk based, so choose whichever you prefer! My favorite is still Turtle Mountain's soy vanilla. Process until smooth, then pour 1 cup of the smoothie into each of 4 glasses.

Each serving is 230 calories. Bonus points if you have fun squiggly summer straws to sip it through!

banana $1.09
strawberries $2.99
orange juice $1.99
soy vanilla ice cream $4.19

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