Thursday, July 8, 2010

'Honeyed Yogurt' and Mixed Berries with Whole-Grain Waffles

I saw the title of this breakfast recipe and it just demanded to be made. It makes a great start to a vegan day, since you get loads of antioxidants and vitamin C from the berries, plus protein from the soy yogurt and fiber from the waffles.

The original recipe called for 4 frozen whole-grain waffles, and I will say, it can be hard to find vegan waffle brands! Nature's Path has been my go-to brand in the past, but I couldn't find them in any of 3 grocery stores I checked. Van's whole-grain organic waffles fit the bill instead, but if buying that brand, read the ingredient label carefully; many of their varieties have honey.

To start, the original recipe called for draining 1 and 1/2 cups vanilla yogurt in a cheesecloth-lined sieve. I think I've finally realized that soy yogurt doesn't drain off the way cow's-milk yogurt does, but just in case, I placed soy vanilla yogurt (from Wildwood) in a colander for 10 minutes. In actuality, you can probably skip that step and move on to...

...spooning the 'drained' soy yogurt into a bowl. Stir in 2 tablespoons agave nectar (in place of honey), and set aside.

In a bowl, combine 2 cups fresh raspberries with 1 cup quartered strawberries (use the smallest ones you can find!), and 1 cup fresh blackberries. Add 1/3 cup sugar and 2 tablespoons lemon juice, and let stand for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, toast 4 whole-grain waffles according to package directions.

Place 1 waffle on each of 4 plates. Top each with 1 cup of the fruit mixture, 1/3 cup of the soy yogurt mixture, and 1 teaspoon wheat germ. Each serving is 380 calories.

vanilla soy yogurt $2.99
raspberries $7.98
strawberries $2.99
frozen whole-grain waffles $4.99

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